IZNIK - Authentic Turkish Restaurant London


all main courses are served with salad
İZMİR KÖFTE oven-baked lamb meatballs and cyprus potatoes in tomato sauce, served with basmati rice
TAVUK ŞİŞ chicken breast fillet cubes marinated and grilled on skewers, served with basmati rice
TAVUK İZNİK chicken breast fillets marinated, grilled and served with basmati rice
TAVUK KAVURMA diced chicken cubes, sautéed in olive oil, green and red pepper, oven baked with tomato and onion, served with basmati rice
ETLİ YAPRAK SARMA vine leaves and courgette stuffed with ground lamb, rice and onions, served with yoğurt dressing
KARNIYARIK aubergine filled with finely ground lamb, parsley and onion, oven-baked, served with basmati rice
ŞİŞ KEBAB* marinated cubes of lamb, grilled on skewers, served with bulgur
ANATOLIAN KEBAB* slow roast lamb shank served with mashed potato purée and baby carrots
HÜNKÂR BEĞENDİ braised diced lamb served with smoked aubergine cream sauce and bulgur
MIXED GRILL a selection of Şiş, Tavuk, Köfte and lamb chop, served with rice
PLEASE NOTE: dishes marked * are not included in any promotion