IZNIK - Authentic Turkish Restaurant London


Bottle 175ml
HOUSE WHITE £16.95 £4.95
Çankaya Kavaklıdere Central Anatolia, Turkey. Radiant light gold. Floral and citrus aromas; fresh grapefruit followed by a dry apple finish... Classic £19.95 £5.25
Alto Bajo Chardonnay Central Valley, Chile. Well balanced wine with delicate tropical fruit flavours and buttery, creamy notes £21.95 £5.75
Sauvignon Blanc San Bello Central Valley, Chile. Pineapple and passion fruit, balanced with lime and gooseberry... cool and crisp £23.95
Riva Leone Gavi DOCG Piemonte, Italy. Fresh citrus and elegant floral aromas ,this is a delicate wine with a long lemon finish £29.95
Sancerre Les Hospices Loire Valley, France. Refined, fresh nettle and flint aromatics and generous mouth filling crunchy stone-fruit flavours £34.95
Chablis 1er Cru Vaudevey, Domain Laroche Burgundy, France. Lively and unctuous with a chiselled nutty finish and lingering after-taste £41.95